Welcome to the mystical land of MOJO

Mojoland is the ultimate adrenaline-filled attraction right on the highway, at Murthal, the outskirts of Delhi. We have an incredible range of recreational activities where you can slide down Flying Foxes, move from one suspension bridge to another by crossing various Hurdles, get your blood pumping through Bungee Jumping, have fun on Sky Cycles,  and push yourselves beyond fear and boundaries through our 3-level Wall Climbing. Make a day of it and combine our thrilling aerial activities with the Pendulum Slide, Volcanic Falls, Slippery Football, and the best Tsunami Wave Pool in Delhi. At MojoLand, you have the freedom to carry out sensational experiences at your own pace with each course designed with different levels of difficulty (from children over three years old, through to easy, medium, and ‘adventure lovers’) is a multi-theme-based park, which gives you the feel of the Amazonian surroundings and caters to the people from all walks of life and all fitness levels. What a fantastic way to discover the outdoors! Visit us for a unique, exciting, and fun-filled experience!


The Lagoon Water Park is Mr. Mojo’s favorite place for water rituals. He believes this is the best place for people to connect with the Sea God. The Water Park is an oasis of delight and joy, enriched with a tropical and charming environment that will transport you to an abode that is heaven like.

One can lose himself in the thumping music, chill vibes, and joyful water rides. It is a perfect destination to beat the warmth and enjoy a relaxed and chilled out day. Lagoon Water Park is the best water park that provides numerous water sports and outdoor water slides. It has pool slide and water slide as well as family pool and water activities for children. Come and wash away your worries and let the Sea God bless you with a relaxed and chilled out day.

Adventure Park

Ride and conquer the infamous beast, let go of all your inhibitions and join Mr. Mojo in the ritualistic adventure course of the Adventura Adventure Park. The Adventure Park is one of its kinds that will satisfy your thirst for adrenaline with different energizing outdoor adventure course.
It has bungee jumping, free fall, ziplining, rock climbing and a lot more. Additionally, there are devoted rides and activities for kids like low ropes. Get the feeling of being an expert racer at an outdoor adventure course of the ATV track.


Mojoland is a magical world of mysterious auras which make it the perfect destination for individuals who look for a getaway from their mundane life. Mojoland houses the rowdy beings who worship the Sea God. The local legends say that if you unleash the wrath of the Sea God then the island shatters with the Sea God’s roars causing volcanoes to erupt and tsunamis to flood the land.

Here you will find locals chanting mantras and dancing to the beats of the island music in order to calm the Sea God, but only one person knows the secret to calm the Sea God. Locals call him Mr. Mojo. It is believed that this person is the son of the mighty Sea God himself; some say he is the lone survivor of a burning ship. But everybody knows that to survive in this mystical land of Mojo one has to follow the footsteps of Mr. Mojo.

The ways and rituals of Mr. Mojo are unique and peculiar. He believes that the only way the Sea God can be calmed is by increasing your inner mojo. To do this you must follow Mr. Mojo in his quest and conquer your fears and inhibitions. The mantra that you would have to follow here is – “One scary thing a day, keeps your inner Mojo awake!” So gear up to walk from pole to pole on 40ft high ropes, soar through the sky like an eagle, or master a skill like hunting with bow and arrows or control a 200cc beast and navigate the harsh terrain of Mojoland.

After you have conquered your fears and exhausted yourself, come and wash away your exhaustion and worries under the hanging rock in the Palm Beach. Join the locals and dance to the rhythm of the island, worship the Sea God under the fiery volcano. These rituals will not only please and calm the Sea God; they will also quench the thirst of your inner mojo. Come and experience the mysticism of Mojoland! It will be the journey of a lifetime!